Half of a Yellow Sun (Film Review)

Half of a Yellow Sun (Film Review) 

During exam period it was great to unwind in one of my favourite places to be, which was the cinema my mum (who hardly ever) suggested we watch 'Half Of A Yellow Sun' a film based on the Biafran War in the during 1965-1970 since I am of Ibo heritage I thought it would be interesting to see what my mother went through during the war as a child.

This film constantly had me fighting back tears of seeing only insights in to how people of the ibo tribe were slaughtered by those of the Hausa tribe based on the fact that they wanted independence from the colonznised identity of being ‘Nigerian’ and instead wanted to affirm their culture and be identified as ‘Biafran’, the film also made me understand why Ibo people had a disliking towards Yoruba people because they wanted them to help end the killings that were happening to their people instead of standing by to see the wrong doings being done, this had me torn since my father is Yoruba however I understood how things seemed from their point of view and the sex scenes throughout the film were done in a tasteful manner.

The film did a great job in showing the change in lifestyles that were in contrast between the twin sisters Olanna (Thandie Newton) and Kainene (Anika Noni Rose) on how the rich and poor survived during the war, without giving too much away it was an honest depiction of what most couples were going through in such trying times in Nigerian society.

Having grown up watching Nollywood movies I was delighted to see homegrown talents from Nigeria in a this film Genevieve Nnaji and Zack Orji who both acted well in the movie, it made the already true story more authentic for myself.


review by Yezzi (Yeside Kelechi Beyioku)

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Flat stomach/Abdominal - Workout & Food

Now I can’t front I haven’t been working on my abbs for the last 2/3 weeks but diet wise I have been conscious of what I take in and how it can effect my stomach such as foods with protein in it as well as doing light 10min cardio sessions in the evening also maintaining my water intake/ spices which help towards speeding up your metabolism, but this morning I did some abdominal and leg workouts which killed me lol, in my garden since the sun was out shining and what not for me to enjoy as I intend to be hitting a beach this year by fire by force lol as part of my Summer Time Fine Challenge.

Below is a picture of how my stomach looks like at the moment.

Foods that help towards a flat stomach

Dark Chocolate
Lean Meat (Turkey)
Vegetables (spinach)

Todays Workout

2 x10 Left & Right Oblique crunches
1min plank
2 x 20 Side Leg Raises (20 each leg with 4kg ankle weights)
2 x 25 Kick Backs (25 each leg with 4kg ankle weights)
3 x 20 Squat Jumps

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Legs, Toned, Shape! - Lower Body Workout

I can’t lie I’ve been a tad bit relaxed workout wise from working out in the morning and evening I’ve only been doing evenings but I’m back on form and this morning around 9:00 am I was working on my lower body and a bit on my abdominal before heading off to uni.

Now that I have my new ‘Toy’, yes I call them toys which is my ankle weight’s I’ve been putting them to use they are 2kg on each ankle and I intend on ordering another pair so that I can grow my muscles in my thighs by training with 4kg -10kg with my ankle weights.

Side note - I ordered my ankle weights from Ebay for around £7.00

Today’s Workout

25 x 2 Squats 

25 x Donkey Kick (25 on each leg)

25 x Fire Hydrant (25 on each leg)

25 x Kick Backs (25 on each leg)

10mins Cardio (Tiffany Rothe via Yotube)

Two 2kg ankle weights on my leg.

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The 10:00PM Deadline!

It’s not been easy this past week for my diet or should I say lifestyle eating but I don’t intend to give up just because my time of month (period) has come nope! so I just thought I’d share some of my diet changes which is my 10pm deadline rule NO EATING AFTER 10:00PM none the less I’m still entitled to drink all the water and tea (Green,Camomile,Peppermint) that I want lol.

I don’t eat after 10pm because at that point of the day I’m not really using any energy therefore I won’t be burning off any of the food I have eaten therefore allowing fat to store up inside of me and nodding off to sleep is a major no no, since I am an occasional late sleeper by eating no later then 10pm it allows my body to digest the last food of the night and by having a couple glasses of water it keeps my metabolic rate high which is great!

With time I hope to change it to 9:30pm and then 9:00pm

Below is a picture of last night dinner. (During revision)

  • Chicken (boiled)
  • Lettuce 
  • Sweetcorn
  • Spinach 
  • Tomatoes
  • Extra Light Mayonnaise 

(A pinch of salt and pepper at your own discretion)

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Home - Yezzi Yezzir Apparel

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You are sexy.. Do u have a bf?

Thank you.

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Leg Workout - What I have learnt …

Okay so I decided that I would develop a better bum, now in order to do that I found out that the main exercises to get this were squats, donkey kicks and lunges and don’t get me wrong when I first started doing them I noticed a pleasant change but not the increase I wanted in my legs and bum was just becoming more sculpted until I stumbled across Nicole Meija on /instagram’ a trainer/model who informed me of the following…

That the reason there was no longer growth in my lifted bum is that my legs/bum were used to my natural weight therefore the only way to increase the muscles I intended to grow meant I needed to start using weights!

I’m soooo glad I found this out which is why I ordered a pair of 2kg ankle weights to start doing my leg lifting exercises hopefully this works and I see some changes…finger’s crossed.

Below is a picture of myself doing a ‘Kick back’ position

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Late Night - Cardio!

Wow I’ve realised due to my short attention span that if I want to take my fitness regime seriously I need to mix things up, so for tonight I went on Youtube searching, in hope to find some cardio workouts of some sort and now all I can say is I HIT THE JACKPOT

Below I have put the Youtube links to 3 cardio workout videos which completes a full 30min cardio per day, by Tiffany Rothe. Warning these workouts are NO JOKE! lol






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Diet - What I have learned and changed

My diet so far since I started my 'Summer Time Fine' challenge has consisted of mainly chicken (boiled), egg,beans, vegetable and fruits, I no longer eat sweets, fried food and breads and pasta dishes.

From being 78kg I am now 70kg which is great to see! although I’ve lost weight in my thighs and since I have increased my strength training exercises, after doing some research I need to take in more carbs (carbohydrates) to help repair my muscles after workouts plus I still want to remain 'thick' in all the right places, therefore I will add controlled portions of brown rice and whole grain pasta to give me more energy during weight based and cardio workouts.


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Morning Workout - Legs and Abdominal

This morning after seeing 'Get fit and thick' last night,I decided to focus on my legs which did involve some sweating. To build the muscles in my thighs and tone the lower part of my legs I used weights, in order to help them grow and yes this was all still done in the comfort of my home.

Full body stretch 

10 x 6 Seated Leg curls

2 x 10 Double dip squats

10 x 4 Donkey kick (1kg ankle weight) 10 reps per leg 

50 Crisscross (no break) ab workout 


Drink plenty of water! 

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Cardio - Home workout (Full Body)

You don’t need a treadmill to do Cardio, since I’ve decided to ditch the GYM I do cardio in different intervals today I did 30mins of my Hip Hop workout dvd it always has me drenched in sweat it’s a good feeling to know I’m burning calories and the dance moves are intense, which I need since I get bored easily.

This 'Step Up' workout dvd retails for £5.99 on Ebay.


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Leg workout - Total Tone!

I came back from the library and was inspired to work a little more on my legs, thanks to ‘Get fit with Nic’ I followed her leg workout to get more defined legs, I’ve naturally got big calf muscles but I want to work on getting them to look better.

2 x 15 Squat jumps

2 x 20 Split squat 

2 x 25 Calf raises 

2 x 15 Lunges 

2 x 1min Wall Squat

All will tone your legs.

Below is a picture of me doing a calf raise in my living room passage way.image

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Progression Picture & Daily Workout

Below is the state of my body Jan 2014, I still have some more work to do to be Bikini body ready for summer 2014 …Summer Time Fine. I will take another picture at the end of Feb 2014.

Body Goals

- Stronger more visible core ( Yes I would like some fabulous abs lol)

- Stronger thighs and lifted Bum ( Yes I would like a more perky ass lol)image

Light morning workout 

Full body strecth

2x10 Squats

10 mins skipping rope for cardio

x25 Sit ups 

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